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FC Hospitality actively evaluates properties for its potential as an event venue, dining and entertainment operation.  FC Hospitality acquires and operates its properties, provides the vision, planning, design, development, approvals and construction turn-key.

Royal Rose Court

Recently, FC Hospitality has acquired and is in the planning process of developing a beautiful heritage property in Owen Sound, Ontario.  The venue theme is based on the existing courthouse and jail that exists on the site.  The court house will be converted to a venue space and will include a ceremony space and jailhouse restaurant theme .  It is scheduled for launch in spring of 2024.


Preserving History

Historic buildings are a tangible link to our past. They tell a story that anyone can experience by driving by or going inside. If there’s one thing to remember when preserving important and long-standing buildings, it’s to maintain their character. Our proposes is to keep all the buildings and structures on the jail property intact and create a link from the present and connect to our past.

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