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The Full Story


From its humble beginnings, Nick’s family who came to Canada in the early 1920’s establishing the successful Capital restaurant and banquet business throughout the decades to the present day.  Recently married, CEO of Fusioncorp Developments Inc. and Jennyvi Infante CEO of Jennyvi Inc. and thus, combining development and construction with event venue management and entertainment.



The Capitol Tea Room and Restaurant was established CIRCA 1930’s in New Toronto across from the Capitol Theatre by the Ramos Family until the 1960’s and then evolving into the event banquet business.  From the 2000’s and onward, Nick Ainis, son of Rose Ramos, studied Architecture and developed a successful career in multi unit condominium construction and real estate development and recently married to

Jennyvi Infante, CEO of Jennyvi Events Inc., which opened the doors to event design, décor and planning and further evolved into venue acquisition, design and operation


FC Entertainment & Hospitality actively evaluates properties for its potential as an event venue, dining and entertainment operation.  FC Hospitality acquires and operates its properties, provides the vision, planning, design, development, approvals and construction turn-key.

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The vision is to create unparalleled and uncontested experiences in a historic and elegant backdrop.  Whether its an event or entertainment happening, FC Entertainment & Hospitality Inc. aims to build lasting memories for your life and beyond. 

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