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The family has been in the restaurant business since its arrival in 1922.  Establishing the Capitol Tea Room and Restaurant, evolving into Capitol Catering.  Rosebuds a cajun-style restaurant was also developed in the 1990's.

Carceris Restaurant

The Carceris Restaurant, ie. literally translated from latin as "the prison" is a jail themed restaurant converted space into a fine dining experience.

Look out for this amazing dining experience which will along with great food, feature amazing music and entertainment.

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Capitol Tea Room

The Capitol Tea Room was established across the street from the Capitol Theatre in New Toronto by the Ramos famiy.  New Toronto was established as a rival to Toronto from wealthy land owners in competition to Toronto's industry and conveniently located along railway routes.​

We derived inspiration for our tea room while visiting Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island.  The Fairmont Empress Hotel offered tea in exclusive and upscale area to enjoy tea and other culinary offerings.  ​

The Capital Tea Room will be a complimentary experience on our various upscale venues.  

Corkscrew Speakeasy
Wine, Spirits & Cocktail
Bar & Eatery

Join us at our very own speakeasy, wine, spirits & cocktail bar & eatery for an amazing experience and within the historically restored 3-storey jail building from the 1800's

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